Biomass Boilers have moved on a lot in the last 5 years; the are highly efficient, easy to use pieces of equipment which will give years of service. They do though need to be treated with respect!

We issued an article about the need to keep a boilers clean and services in November –

We would add to that advice the need to source good quality fuel.

wood pellets

Pellets for Biomass Boilers should be purchased from a reliable source:

Biomass boilers which are installed to burn wood pellets should the loaded with pellets which meet EN plus A1 grade and are obtained via a suppler who is on the ‘Biomass Suppliers List’ . If you are receiving RHI payments it is a condition that you do this.


Pellets from non-scrutinized sources may contain contaminants that may be harmful, will not burn efficiently and could damage a boiler.