Automatic wood pellet boilers offer a convenient alternative to oil and cost savings of up to 30%.

Wood pellets are easy to source and let you enjoy the virtually carbon neutral nature of wood as a fuel source, with none of the fuss
traditionally associated with burning wood.

  • Many of our appliances are eligible for the Renewable Heat Premium Payment.

    *For eligible properties please see for full details, or contact us for advice

Ashburn Stoves is the sole UK distributer for Verner biomass automatic wood pellet boilers manufactured in the Czech
Republic. They have been producing highly efficient and high quality stoves for over 20 years with over 3,000
installations of automatic boilers around Europe and the USA


The following fuels can be used: agro pellets of cereal husk and straw, cereal crop seeds and wood pellets.

12 years experience of burning grain and agro pellets 92.7% efficient
5 Year warranty on boiler body
Automatic ignition
Automatic feeding from a 240l integrated storage hopper suitable for several days operation
Output regulation range is 0-100%
In-built flue fan ensures excellent flue gas extraction
Suitable for heating hot water cylinder, heat store and heating for 200m2 floor space (5 Bed House)*
Optional bespoke hopper sizes for longer operation e.g. up to one month before refuelling
Optional factory fitted lambda sensor
Optional automatic de-ashing system


*Depending on the heat loss of the property