We run training for heating engineers in renewable / sustainable heating specialties:

Biomass | Solar Thermal | Heat Pumps

We have a purpose built training facility in our Warehouse, on the Lancashire / Yorkshire boarder

heat pump training

Biomass Boiler Servicing – Verner & Ponast

biomass boiler servicing

CTC Regulus Heat Pumps

learn to install biomass

Multi Energy Systems

System Design and Specification

heating installer trainingThe RHI Bubble has burst …. but we have never been busier with Biomass Installations – ARE YOU?

Ashburn Parts (ABparts.co.uk)  is a specialist distributor of Biomass, Solar Thermal and Heat Pump components and appliances to installers across the UK, which has grown from an installation company (Dales Heating)  with over 30 years experience installing solid fuel heating systems.

Some years ago we made a decision to embrace ‘Renewable’ or ‘Sustainable’ solutions for heating systems and ‘hit the ground running’ through our experience with solid fuel and, to some extent oil fuel system experience.
We also developed a very strong relationship with REGULUS, VERNER and PONAST, who have generations of experience building Biomass boilers and components.

Ashburn quickly developed an in-depth understanding of Biomass and Multi Energy systems, including the important differences between these and the traditional UK focus on Gas systems. As the RHI rolled out we developed a network of installers who use our fittings, tanks, and boilers, and whom we support with expert technical advice, training and design services.
Systems which we support are reliable and economical.

Now in 2018 we are finding that many other Biomass systems installed through the RHI appear not to be as well designed, specified or installed as our own systems; and we are being asked to visit other installers systems across the UK to trouble-shoot, repair, rebuild or reinstall poor systems…… we are not alone.

heating installer trainingWe have now developed a three point approach to helping UK installers meet their customers needs:

  1. Training

    Training to support our Brands: Verner and Ponast Biomass Boilers, Regulus components and Regulus-CTC Heat Pumps
    > Bespoke training in aspects of Biomass or Multi Energy systems, to supplement your existing skills

  2. Trouble Shooting

    > We can provide trouble-shooting advice and technical support, either by phone / email or via site visits.
    > These can be ad-hoc per-hour or via an annual contract to access on-going support for the year

  3. Sub Contracting

    We are happy to operate as sub-contractors to undertake work on your behalf. We understand your need to maintain your own relationship with your customer

Contact Fiona or Natasha here to inquire further

A quote from a customer:

***** Asked Ashburn to come and service my Biomass boiler. They were able to do this and point out faults with my installation. Now things are running sweetly and better than before. They are a pleasure to deal with and always willing to help over the phone or by email. I would not hesitate to recommend them.