regulus solar panels

We Supply and Distribute Solar Thermal Heating Systems, Parts and Spares to the trade

Solar thermal heating systems use heat energy from the sun to increase the temperature of the liquid within the solar panel. This liquid is then pumped through a  heat exchanger within a water tank (sometimes called an accumulator or intelligent heat store), transferring the collected heat to the water in the tank for your hot water needs.

Our high quality, trouble free Flat Solar Thermal Panels by Regulus  are available from Ashburn [AB Parts].

These panels can provide your customers with hot water using energy from the sun. No need to use fossil fuels or electricity in the summer when they may prefer not to use their biomass boiler. Solar thermal panels/collectors use free heat from the sun to warm domestic hot water. This is the perfect way to compliment the use of your biomass boiler during summer months.


Intelligent heat store/accumulation tanks by Regulus are available from Ashburn.  Cylinders are known by many names but more often called a heat store, accumulation tank or buffer tank depending on the actual use and configuration. They come in various sizes depending  on the size of property and boiler you are installing. If space is short you can even get a heat store that can be buried in the ground – the Regulus AkuPlast. This can be supplied with or without domestic hot water coils.
Thermal Heat Stores are used to accumulate heat from various sources, e.g. from solid fuel boilers, heat pumps or solar systems; keeping it available for heating & hot water when necessary.

The connection of a storage tank into the heating system has a lot of advantages, ensuring convenience and economy:
•The storage of the surplus heat during the over-production by the thermal energy source (the boiler / solar panel / heat pump)
•Immediate supply of the heat when necessary
•A balanced availability of heat and hot water


Recently, demands have grown for systems combining  various sources, e.g. solar systems, solid fuel (or biomass) boilers, etc.
A combi or intelligent Thermal Store with DHW becomes central to supplying heat energy for both space and DHW heating. Ashburn can provide advice and expertise regarding the design and specification of  DHW and sealed system


We distribute all the parts you need when fitting a boiler, solar or heat pump system and (or) a heat store/accumulation tank for example:

•heat exchangers
•immersion heaters
•safety valves
•mixing valves
•insulated pipe work