The REGOMAT Thermostatic Pump Station,a load valve providing back end protection, makes boiler installation quicker as it contains all the important
components needed for boiler protection.

This is a high quality affordable alternative to an Esbe or Laddormat load valve

4 Good Reasons For Fitting Regomat Thermostatic Pump Stations

  1. A Regomat is designed to be installed directly on a boilers incoming pipe or on a wall.
  2. These pump station is intended for solid-fuel boilers and fireplaces.
  3. A Regomat keeps the return temperature to a boiler at or above the valve opening temperature,
    which prevents low-temperature corrosion and boiler fouling,  preventing condensation and
    boiler tarring.
  4. A Regomat extends a boilers efficiency and its service life .


pump station

Regomat units are currently on offer at 50% OFF until the 23rd August

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