Welcome to this months question and answer news for biomass and solar heating solutions.

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Q – What does BIOMASS stand for

Did you know that BIOMASS means “plant materials and animal waste used as fuel”

Q – What is the difference between wood pellets and chips?

Wood pellets are ideal for self feeding biomass boilers as they will easily run through the self-loading machinery without clogging. Chips are far rougher and may clog the automatic loading auger

Q – Why do I need to clean my boiler periodically

Boilers will require cleaning approximate every 3 months. This ensures the boiler runs efficiently and does not overheat.
We provide a short video showing how this is done – here>>

Q – Will by Biomass heating system make me fully independent of gas, oil and electricity for my heating?

Biomass will certainly provide very economical heating, however you may need to consider:
Fitting a small emergency power backup which will switch in should the electricity fail. this will power you heating pump for a number of hours depending on the size of the power source
If you are away from home for long periods during the winter you may need to consider either; a larger self feeding store for pellets, asking someone to add pellets parts way through your absence or have alternative backup solutions included in the system.