Do you get asked about wood pellets; which pellets to buy, where from, why and how to know what is actually in the bag.

wood pellets

Biomass boilers can burn a wide range of fuels, but must be ‘set-up’ properly by a biomass heating engineers to do so successfully.

Failure to properly set-up the boiler can result in: clogged grates, damaged grates, blocked heat exchangers and blocked chimneys – in short the boiler will become inefficient, uneconomic and repair costs will mount up. – ALL OF WHICH IS EASILY AVOIDABLE by using the correct fuel and following manufacturers maintenance and service advice.

Biomass boilers which are installed to burn wood pellets should the loaded with pellets which meet EN plus A1 grade and are obtained via a suppler who is on the ‘Biomass Suppliers List’ . If you are receiving RHI payments it is a condition that you do this.