CTC Heat Pumps supplied and distributed to the trade including training and support

Renewable heating systems using ground or air source heat pumps


regulus ctc heat pumps with remote monitoring


Why a Regulus CTC Heat Pump?

REGULUS CTC Heat Pumps supplied from us combine all the demands that are expected
to be met by a heat pump:

  • High energy savings
  • Very quiet heat pump operation
  • Top quality
  • Excellent parameters
  • Long-term customer care
  • Extended warranty
  • WiFi connectivity

Uniquely our REGULUS CTC heat pumps can be remotely monitored by ourselves and Regulus via the internet, allowing us to ensure they are operating efficiently at all times and if necessary adjusted remotely by our engineers.

See: Training

High energy savings
We put emphasis on the right technical design of the entire heating system.
Thanks to that, the heat pump operates more efficiently and economically, giving a long service life. Moreover, our systems can offer a combination of further heat sources like solar thermal systems, biomass boiler stoves and common boilers. Savings achieved this way are even higher.

Very quiet heat pump operation
Noise level has never been high for heat pumps, however designers of our new heat pump generation have succeeded in reaching such low values that we have become market leaders in this area.


Types of heat pumps
Heat pumps are manufactured in two most common types:
Air-to-water heat pumps
Air-to-water heat pumps draw energy from the ambient air. The latest types of heat pumps work
under very low outdoor temperatures, as low as -22°C. They are manufactured in compact design;
the entire heat pump is housed being in one compact unit.
Ground-to-water heat pumps
Ground-to-water heat pumps draw energy from the ground (they are independent of the ambient air
temperature). These heat pumps utilize heat either from deep bores or from shallow underground pipe loops
(laid horizontally below frost line).  Ground-to-water heat pumps are placed indoors and are manufactured in two versions –
a heat pump alone, or a heat pump with an intelligent thermal store for space heating support and hot water heating.
Controllers and other boiler-room components are housed within a neat, fridge-sized case.

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