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News about biomass central heating systems

what is biomass

People often ask us what a biomass heating system is and are sometimes surprised to hear that it is simply a system of wood, most commonly in the form of logs or wood pellets, which will power your domestic or commercial central heating and hot water systems. The boilers can normally be fitted easily to […]

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Biomass heating system design and specification services

Did you know that we provide design and specification services for Biomass Heating installations? We have huge experience designing and  installing heating systems into domestic and commercial property. We are often called in to help overcome problems which our experience would have identified at the start of a project. Having a properly designed and specified […]

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We supply a range of Cowls and associated flue fittings from DARCO. Manufactured in stainless steel to a high standard, these provide high functionality together with good looks which come with quality engineering. The range includes Draught Stabilisers and Explosion Relief

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