Regulus technical downloads

Solar Thermal Systems

Solar Thermal SystemsSHOW (PDF 1.1 MB)

Heat Pumps

Heat PumpsSHOW (PDF 998 kB)

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Fireplace Inserts and Stoves

Components - in alphabetical order

AL+PP Flue PipesSHOW (PDF 6.7 MB)
Ball Valves for GasSHOW (PDF 484 kB)
Chemicals, FluidsSHOW (PDF 1 MB)
DUO Thermal StoresSHOW (PDF 615 kB)
Expansion VesselsSHOW (PDF 396 kB)
Heat AccumulationSHOW (PDF 946 kB)
HSK Themal StoresSHOW (PDF 467 kB)
IR 12 ControllerSHOW (PDF 1.1 MB)
Pipes and InsulationSHOW (PDF 555 kB)
Plate Heat ExchangersSHOW (PDF 929 kB)
Room ThermostatsSHOW (PDF 327 kB)
VEGA Thermal StoresSHOW (PDF 1.2 MB)