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Well, the names are different, the prices are different - but the function is the same:

Regomat keeps the return temperature to a boiler at or above the valve opening temperature,
which prevents low-temperature corrosion and boiler fouling. This prevents condensation and
boiler tarring. Extending the boilers efficiency and its service life .

By circulating the water from the boiler through a very small circuit the Regomat ensures that it quickly reaches a high running temperature. The unit then releases heat from this circuit into your heat store whilst maintaining a high temperature in the boiler.

Regomat  and  Laddomat units are often referred to as a Heat Charger, Load Valve or Loading Valve.

Regomat from Regulus are high quality well engineered units.

REGOMAT Thermostatic Pump Station makes installation quicker as it contains all important
components needed for boiler protection. It is designed to be installed directly on a boiler incoming pipe
or on a wall.

boiler back end protection

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