How To Ensure a Good Biomass Heating System is Installed


Domestic customers should use HETAS and MCS registered installer which gives the security of employing a company properly trained and competent in installing biomass equipment. As part of the MCS accreditation they will have signed up to an industry code of conduct which gives very clearly documented obligations to both installation companies and customers.

The installer should have gained certificated accreditation through a boiler manufacturers training course, this is very important as boiler installations requirements can differ greatly for each manufacturer.

A commercial customer should still choose a HETAS registered installation company as they will be trained in the basic installation requirements for large scale biomass plant. Again certified manufacturers accreditation is paramount to ensure the installer has both the knowledge to install and have the manufacturers backup as required for a successful installation.

At Ashburn we ensure that:

  • All our installers are fully trained and registered
  • We can provide full design and specification services
  • We provide comprehensive advice and support

Ashburn supply a range of Biomass Boilers to UK installers, together with a comprehensive range of parts, spares and components:

We are currently offering VERNER BIOMASS BOILERS from our warehise at huge savings

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