We are very please to be able to supply Greentech Heating ( Biomass Boilers, parts and support. This is a case study of one of their recent Biomass Installations.


We were asked by a customer to look into the possibility of installing a biomass heating system in their home. After visiting the property to carry out a site survey it became apparent that this installation would not be straight forward and that it would prove quite difficult as the house was completely off road by hundreds of yards down a steep hill and nested in a deep wooded area. We also became aware that the client needed a full new heating system as there were no radiators in the property and the only means of heat was an old coal aga and a small wood burning stove, both of which would need to come out.

The challenge was on and after careful planning and consideration it was decided that we knew this could be achieved.

Biomass installation access issues

We proposed a 14kw Verner V140 log  biomass boiler with an 800 litre buffer vessel that would provide heating and direct hot water. We would then also install a seven radiator heating system throughout. Once the formalities were agreed, we then proceeded with the installation.

The heavy goods were put into place by use of a trailer, off road vehicle and good old brute force by shear man power. We have to thank the customer with this as they very much wanted to be hands on throughout the whole process.

Everything was installed from start to finish in roughly seven working days which we were very happy with considering all the access issues.

biomass installation completed 2The customer is now benefiting from a fully functioning biomass heating and hot water system.They will also receive money from the Government’s Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) and will continue to receive these payments quarterly for the next 7 years. This money will cover the cost of the install and also provide them with a profit.




We have found the boiler incredibly simple to operate – we light a fire, monitor the temperature of the tank on the display panel, and top up or let the fire go out as needed. It took us a week or two to get to grips with exactly how much we need to burn and how often we need to light the fire – but now we have settled in to an easy routine of one fire every two to three days for hot water use only. The wood that we are using burns so well and so efficiently that we find a single load or sometimes just a half load is enough to bring the tank back up to temperature. Compared to our old Rayburn it has been a treat to load up a few logs, watch the display and see how quickly the water heats up. The tank easily handles our hot water needs and we are able to ensure a daily hot bath for the four of us.

biomass installation verner v140 boilerWe have had little need for the central heating so far but have run it a few times on cold nights – as much to test it as anything. Again, we have found the system to be simple to use and incredibly quick and efficient at heating the entire house.

A barrow or so of well-seasoned Beech logs has been easily sufficient to provide a week’s hot water and heating needs at this time of year and we can already anticipate that even in the Winter months the firewood requirements will be easily manageable

We are more than happy with the system and would recommend it to everyone. It is efficient and safe and is simple to operate and to monitor.



We would like to let you know how impressed we were with the entire service provided by GreenTech, from the design and planning stages right up to the installation and commissioning of the boiler system. We chose GreenTech from a number of different installers largely because your experience, knowledge and understanding of Biomass systems was abundantly obvious from the outset and this gave us the assurance and confidence that we needed to go ahead with the installation. The advice that you gave about the specifics of the system was really clear and proved to be completely accurate in terms of our needs.

It was clear to us from the start that we could rely on your commitment and professionalism to deliver. This was particularly relevant to us because we were very much aware that our home presented a whole range of complications. As you learnt – our home has no vehicle access and is accessible only by a footpath through woodland – it is also off-grid powered by solar panels. We are sure that these complications made this job one of the most difficult imaginable yet GreenTech delivered with complete assurance on every level and met every obstacle that the job presented with quiet determination and composure. Just getting the boiler sited was a monumental task in itself – but one that was done with extremely good humour and positivity. At all times we were put entirely at ease that GreenTech knew their task inside out. Their skill and expertise was readily apparent at every turn, and the workmanship was impeccable. The whole team were extremely helpful and friendly and the duration of the work was un-intrusive and good fun. The whole experience was a complete pleasure.

We feel particularly fortunate, and grateful, that we chose GreenTech from the competition. We cannot imagine how the service they provided could be surpassed by any other installers and we would highly recommend them to everyone.

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