About our Biomass Heat Pump and Solar Heating Company

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We source our biomass and solar heating equipment from companies who have a track record of providing these systems in parts of Europe where reliable heating systems are a necessity, overcoming the harshest of conditions year after year.

We seek 'engineering excellence' to ensure all our product provide high quality and reliability, for both you as an installer and for your customers, while striving to deliver this at a terrific price.

the team at AB parts

Ashburn Stoves was co-founded by a fully hands on heating engineering company and a consultant specialising in research and housing development.

Bruce Mills has enjoyed widespread success over the north of England over the last 30 years with his company Dales Heating having a large customer base ranging from installations to domestic and industrial properties up to and including churches and factories.

Fiona Imlach has worked as a housing and planning consultant for the last 20 years with a focus on sustainable developments and renewable technologies including the use of biomass boilers. Part of her role was to negotiate with developers to incorporate renewable technologies within developments.

At our base on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales on the Lancashire / Yorkshire border, through our growing list of partners and installers throughout the whole of the UK; We provide a wholesale parts service, training and support service.

We believe in and are fully committed to renewable heating in particular biomass boilers, so much so that our own homes are heated by biomass boilers. As such we understand the technology and products that we sell. We practice what we preach providing modern wood burning boiler stoves, gasification boilers and automatic pellet boilers of the highest efficiency and quality.

We are the UK’s sole distributor for Verner a.s. A Czech Republic manufacturing company who offer superbly designed heating appliances which are engineered to last. We are authorized to undertake any Guarantee work on behalf of VERNER.

In March 2014 we became the sole UK distributor for Regulus a.s. A Czech Republic manufacturing company offering high quality and designed Solar Thermal panels, heat stores, and a huge array of biomass valves, pumps and controls.

Our list of brands continues to grow including: Darco, Ponas, Flamingo and Altecnic.

Ashburn Stoves provide full support and training, including all servicing requirements and a comprehensive warranty on each biomass boiler.

Working with us

Ashburn Stoves are always keen to speak to potential showrooms, installers and partners across the UK.

We have a stringent quality control process which must be met by installers, but we will actively help you meet these standards.

Our current partners / installers are:

In Retford and surrounding areas - AMCO, http://www.amco.biz

In Berkshire and surrounding areas - Artizan Heating Ltd, www.artizanheating.com

In Lancashire and Yorkshire - Dales Renewables, www.dalesrenewables.co.uk

In North Yorkshire - Skipton Stoves and Ranges, www.skiptonstovesandranges.co.uk

In North Yorkshire - Euro Energy Services Ltd, http://www.euroenergyservices.co.uk

In Cheshire, Tyne & Wear, Wiltshire and Northern Ireland - Renewable Solutions, www.renewablesolutionsuk.com

In Cheshire and surrounding areas - Cheshire Design Centre, http://www.cheshiredesigncentre.co.uk/

In Northern Ireland - Eco Energy Technologies, www.ecoenergytechnologies.co.uk

In Northern Ireland and Isle of Man - Linton and Robinson Environmental Ltd, www.lintonandrobinson.co.uk

In Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Essex - Centipede Ltd, www.centipedeltd.co.uk

In Highlands and Perthshire - Highland Heat and Power, www.highlandheatandpower.co.uk

In Highlands - Great Glen Stoves, www.greatglenstoves.co.uk

In the south east of England - A Greener Alternative, www.agreeneralternative.co.uk

In Cornwall - Wendron Stoves, www.wendronstoves.com

In the Shetlands - E & H Heating and Ventilations Services, www.ehbuildingcontractors.com

In the North East - The Northallerton Heating Centre, www.thenorthallertonheatingcentre.co.uk

In the Highlands - McInnes Plumbing & Heating, www.mcinnesplumbingandheating.co.uk